January 2016
As the memory of a beautiful holiday season fades behind us, we wish everyone a very healthy and wonderful new year.

2015 was a bumper season for weddings—from the foothills of northwestern Connecticut to Woodstock, Vermont to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We were fortunate to have had brides with the breadth of vision through which, working together, their wedding days radiated with a vibrant beauty. We are thankful to them for nominating us “Best of the Knot 2016.”

We look forward to the challenges booked on our calendar for 2016.

Paula Gallo
Pentimento Design
175 South Main Street
Suffield, Connecticut 06078

June 2014
It was our privilege to design the florals for commencement activities at Porter’s School in Farmington the first week in June. “The more simple a thing is, the more difficult it is to execute” the saying goes, because there is no room to fudge anything. So it is with Porter’s. Their ancient rituals and rites of passage are themselves a thing of beauty, and perfect in their simplicity.

Although mandated to work in the signature daisy hues of lemon, emerald and white, we were caught up in the exuberance of it all, doing our very best to put a fresh face on vintage traditions—traditions unwavering and unchanged through the decades and through the centuries.

Daisy chains and posies, ivies and vines, white-washed heirloom crooks and streaming yellow ribbons, crinoline-petalled peonies (that bloom for only one week of the year) and mango garden roses, buttery tissue-petalled poppies and blousy green-striated parrot tulips—all trumpeted their stuff.

For a second season, we labored through puddles and mud, swathing the stage platform in feathery greens and daisies under a punishing downpour the afternoon before. And, also for the second year, graduation morning dawned a heavenly bluebird-blue—all clear and bright and sparkling. Commencement day skies over Porter’s, it would seem, have a mandate of their own.